I grew up in Germany but ever since I'm old enough I love to travel the world and capture nature's beauty. When I finally bought my first DSLR camera after many years of saving money I attempted to teach myself how to take better pictures of the places I saw rather than just snapshot records. And, although the love of photography has been a constant in my life it got most intense when I moved to Hawai'i in 2015. It was there that I joined the local photography community and gained more and more experience as I started to learn from the many talented people on the islands. They were my mentors, my inspiration and my friends.


Back in Germany I now focus on capturing the beautiful land- and seascapes of Schleswig-Holstein - my new home for the time being - and when traveling the world. I'm still inspired by visiting new places and new cultures, from nature's most remote locations to the buzz of the cities, from the wildlife to the people to the food; and when I'm not out traveling or taking pictures I can usually be found planning the “next trip”.


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